Monday, July 25, 2016

Stellar results wins Renuka town edifice Best Performance Award for 2015

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Exceptional occupancy rates and top-notch revenue generation by Renuka town edifice resulted within the edifice winning’s Award for Best Performance in 2015. Recognition for the hotel’s performance was supported its outstanding occupancy rates over the previous year, throughout that Renuka town edifice was ready to record over five,000 area nights resulting in revenue generation in more than US$ five hundred,000 throughout identical amount from guests alone. additionally, the edifice receives reservations via different booking engines, travel agents, direct bookings yet as from company purchasers, that has helped the edifice maintain its occupancy rates of over eightieth. Located minutes far from several of national capital city’s key attractions, Renuka town edifice has systematically been a well-liked and cheap possibility for tourists and businessmen alike for over four decades. Following its most up-to-date restoration in 2015, the edifice has once more sky-rocketed in quality amongst travellers and diners alike. In total, Renuka town edifice operates ninety nine fashionable rooms, as well as eighteen Super Deluxe rooms and forty-one Deluxe rooms that embrace a bunch of amenities, as well as free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs with native and cable channels, safety deposit lockers, mini-fridges, 24hr area service,

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How preventativeS area unit created – CONDOM producing method

Over the years the preventative producing method has modified considerably. In fact, many folks today would be stunned to grasp that simply a brief quantity of your time agone condoms were created to be reusable (of course, not the safest factor within the world). this producing processes area unit higher than they need ever been, which after all has LED to condoms being one in all the safest sorts of family planning during this day and age. Let’s take a bit scrutinize however condoms area unit created.

With a couple of exceptions, the bulk of condoms today area unit made of rubber or latex. this is often a natural material that comes from the bark of rubber trees in Asia. These trees essentially secrete a milk-like juice that is then born-again to rubber.

Once the rubber has been cultivated it's sent off to a production facility wherever it's processed into the preventative form. The preventative is then hot at one hundred degrees uranologist for twenty minutes. this is often Associate in Nursing unbelievably vital a part of the producing method because it helps to allow condoms their snap.
The next stage of the producing method involves the condoms being given a fine coat. every preventative is then tested severally to confirm that it meets standards. a trifle of lubricator is then applied. The preventative is then rolled up and place into its packaging. No human hands ever bit the condoms to confirm that they are doing not become contaminated. every which way points throughout the producing method any quality checks area unit taken intent on make sure that all of the condoms created area unit safe.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Sri Lanka seeks to bridge India and China

The newly elected Sri Lankan government is seeking to be a “bridge” between its giant Asian neighbors -- India and China -- in the Indian Ocean, a region where they are generally viewed as competitors, the island nation’s finance minister has said.

     In an interview with the Nikkei Asian Review, Ravi Karunanayake said Sri Lanka followed a non-aligned, neutral policy for both countries and referred to his country as a “genuine friend of India and China.” At the same time, Karunanayake said Sri Lanka envisioned a greater role for itself in the economic regionalism of the Indian Ocean. “Singapore brought China and Taiwan together. If we bring China and India together in Sri Lanka, what a platform it would be!” he said, adding that one is a powerhouse, the other a consumer hub, with Sri Lanka in the middle. “India is looking at the export market, China is looking at the silk route, we can prove to be a nodal point.”

Special flight to bring back 305 Sri Lankans from India

A special SriLankan Airlines flight left this morning to New Delhi to bring back 305 Sri Lankan nationals stranded in India. 
The flight UL 1191 departed at around 9.00am this morning while another flight is expected to leave for Chennai at around 1.35am today. 
SriLankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka last week arranged a special flight to bring back a group of 120 pilgrims who were stranded in the Buddhist holy city of Bodh Gaya (Buddha Gaya) due to the floods that have ravaged parts of India.
The Airbus A320 aircraft flown by budget carrier Mihin Lanka had arrived in Bodh Gaya on the morning of Sunday (6), before returning to Colombo after around 3 ½ hours.